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Payment Methods Policy

  1. Introduction

    • In store, customers can pay at the till. Online, customers can pay via their computer or their smartphone device. 
    • Statement on the security measures in place to protect transaction data. 
  2. Accepted Payment Methods

    • List of all accepted payment methods (e.g., credit cards, debit cards, digital wallets, bank transfers, cash on delivery, etc.).
    • Specific brands or types of credit and debit cards accepted (e.g., Visa, MasterCard, American Express).
  3. Payment Processing

    • Explanation of how payments are processed, including any third-party payment processors used.
    • Information on when the customer’s account will be charged (e.g., at checkout, upon shipment).
  4. Currency Accepted

    • List of accepted currencies for payment.
    • Details on how currency conversion is handled if applicable.
  5. Payment Security

    • Description of encryption and security protocols used to secure payment information.
    • Certifications or compliances met by the payment system (e.g., PCI DSS compliance).
  6. Invoice and Receipts

    • Information on how and when invoices and receipts are provided (e.g., emailed post-purchase, available in account dashboard).
    • Details on how to request a duplicate or detailed invoice if needed.
  7. Failed or Declined Payments

    • Common reasons why payments might fail or be declined.
    • Steps for customers to take if their payment is unsuccessful (e.g., checking card details, contacting their bank, trying an alternative payment method).
  8. Subscription and Recurring Payments

    • If applicable, details on how subscription or recurring payments are managed.
    • Procedure for updating payment details for ongoing subscriptions.
    • Information on how to cancel recurring charges.
  9. Privacy and Data Use

    • Outline of how customer payment information is used and stored.
    • Details on sharing payment information with third parties, if any.
    • Link to the full privacy policy for more detailed information.
  10. Contact Information

    • How customers can get support with payment issues (contact numbers, email addresses, etc.).
    • Hours of operation for customer support.