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FS2450 Women's Debut Boot

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• Microfiber Upper • Swarovski Crystals in backstrap • Fusion Sole (Grey) • Increased instep wrap • Support rating: 50
Finishing Package (includes fitting/consultation, skate bake/adjustments, blade mounting and sharpening)
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FS2450 Women's Debut Boot
Product Details
Brand: Jackson
  • Durable and lightweight Microfiber upper has remarkable flexibility, versatility and strength
  • Extra wrap over instep provides better fit and security on all widths
  • Eyelets behind the flex notch locks the heel in place
  • Non-abrasive fabric lining makes initial fit soft and comfortable and is breathable and treated with anti-bacterial properties for odour reduction
  • Rolled lining eliminates pressure and irritation on tendons above ankles
  • Swarovski inlaid crystals looks stylish and elegant.
  • New Fusion Sole is lightweight, torque resistant; rubber inlay provides non-slip blade mount and superior shock absorption.
  • Reinforced heel with aluminum plates eliminates sole separation