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FS2800 Premiere Women's Fusion Boot

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The Premiere is an intermediate level boot with an original stiffness rating of 65 (Women's) and 69 (Men's). Depending on the skating style and structure of the skater, the Premiere is a solid choice for those working on axels and beginner double jumps.
Finishing Package (includes fitting/consultation, skate bake/adjustments, blade mounting and sharpening)
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FS2800 Premiere Women's Fusion Boot
Product Details
Brand: Jackson
  • New Fusion Sole is lightweight, torque resistant; rubber inlay provides non-slip blade mount and superior shock absorption.
  • Swarovski inlaid crystals looks stylish and elegant.
  • Extra wrap over instep provides better fit and security on all widths.
  • Off-set hooks provide more security and stability around ankle area.
  • Softer collar is less irritating for Achilles tendons.
  • Made on Jackson’s Elite Last.
  • Additional widths available by special order.